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 Der Wupper Express
Hans Offline

Beiträge: 3

10.12.2006 15:50
trains in WE 10 antworten

I have installed WE 10. No problem at all. I've read the Read me file and installed the bat file. But where are the trains? I understand that I have to have them before I install the acts. file? Or de I make a mistake? I have already driven on the tracks with a South African locomotive so I have seen some of the scenery: Fantastic. It's unbelieveble what you have achieved.
Sorry about the English . I can read German but if I try to write it I am afraid to insult you and your language.

KlausWoerner Offline

Beiträge: 63

11.12.2006 11:06
#2 RE: trains in WE 10 antworten

Hello Hans,
you must download the trains too, it is an extra file.
The name is
Read the ReadMe.txt in this file because you need some other Freeware-Trains also.


Hans Offline

Beiträge: 3

11.12.2006 14:42
#3 RE: trains in WE 10 antworten

Hello Klaus,
Is that the same as we10act_ar on your site?

RalfK Offline

Beiträge: 588

11.12.2006 16:27
#4 RE: trains in WE 10 antworten


no, the file we10act_ar is an update of the Actpack. You need this file You can download this file at the Download Site you´ve got the Wuppex11.

Greetings, Ralf

Hans Offline

Beiträge: 3

13.12.2006 13:20
#5 RE: trains in WE 10 antworten

Hello All,
Thank you for your help. I've found my way through the different sites! I love to drive the trains I find it still difficult after downloading samll files, like rolling stock, to get them in the right folder. But I am learning!

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